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At THEBODYAID™ we believe in giving you the most effective and affordable treatments to aid your daily pains - no matter your age.

Caring for your body should be a habit, which is why we research the most innovative and industry leading body-care products that will help you in your journey to restoring your body's health and relieving pains for good.

If you experience knee pain, learning physical therapy exercises for your knees may be beneficial. The exercises can help you increase your knee and hip range of motion and strength, as well as minimise or eliminate knee pain.

It’s first important to know how the knee is made.
The knee is made up of the following parts:

- The tibia is a bone in the lower leg (shin)

- The femur is a bone in the lower leg (thigh)

- The patella (kneecap)


The knee is a crucial joint in your body that allows you to walk, climb stairs, and get out of a seated posture. One or more of these activities may be restricted due to knee pain. Knee issues can be avoided and mobility can be maintained by maintaining the knee joint mobile and strong.

If you experience hip pain, physical therapy exercises can help you increase your mobility and relieve your discomfort. Working with a physical therapist (PT) can help you figure out which workouts are right for you.

Loss of range of motion, decreased strength and muscle activation around the hip joint, and pain that affects your ability to walk or run properly are all common symptoms of hip discomfort. Physical therapy exercises for hip pain will help you regain your strength and mobility so you may resume your regular activities.

Pain and stiffness in your feet and ankles might make it difficult to walk, run, or enjoy your daily activities if you have ankle arthritis. Ankle arthritis can be treated in a variety of ways, from non-invasive injections to more intrusive surgery.

Exercise for ankle arthritis is an excellent approach to alleviate pain and stiffness. But what are the best workouts for ankle arthritis?

Starting any fitness programme can be difficult, and if you've never done ankle exercises before, you may need to take it slowly at first and gradually increase your strength and mobility.