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Knee Compression Brace


When it comes to your body, your knees often bear the brunt of your body weight and are prone to injury, whether from repetitive stress, impact or a bad move in the heat of the moment. Our Knee Compression Brace has been created to give you the knees support you need to elevate your everyday well-being!

Designed For Performance

 3D weaving technology: Soft, highly elastic, breathable. Sports Safety Protection, Reduces swelling, Keep Warm, Promote Muscular Recovery.

 Adjustable Unique Bidirectional Support:Dual adjustment elastic straps provide customized fit and compression for all day comfort. 

 Perfect for all types: Helps faster recovery from knee injuries or surgery and to get quicker relief from pain. Also helps limit patella movement, and improve joint stable; ideal for meniscus tear, arthritis, tendonitis, runners & jumpers knee, etc.

 Suitable for all sports activities like: running, jogging, basketball, soccer, football, golf, cycling, tennis, hiking, volleyball, cross fit , skiing and much more.


Three-dimensional weaving technology, high flexibility & ventilation enables prevention or rehabilitation after injury and all kinds of fitness exercise.

MULTI-PURPOSE: Suitable for all physical activities, especially those with high stress on joints: running, cycling, skiing, hiking, basketball, volleyball, and more!

FLEXIBILITY: With Full range flexibility, it provides a more comfortable fit to keep the knee warm and to relieve the pain of chronic arthritis.

COMFORT: Anti slip silicone, high elasticity and breathable fabric create tight and stable compression and support for knees, along with comfort all throughout the use.

KNEE SUPPORT: Equal pressure distribution for added knee protection and support.

SPECS: (by leg circumference, measured 4 inches above the knee)
Size: M: 35-40 cm, L: 40-45 cm, XL: 45-50 cm
Made with 32% Spandex / 68% Nylon 

Package Includes: 1 x Knee Compression Brace


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