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THEBODYAID™ Heat Therapy Lumbar Support - Tourmaline Self-Heating Belt


  • TOURMALINE PADS:  The addition of Tourmaline carries an intrinsic electrical charge to help enhance the magnetic properties for long-lasting relief.

  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN:  The Tourmaline and Magnetic technology work to improve circulation and provide heat to ease pain, soreness & inflammation.

  • PERFECTLY DESIGNED:  Made from high-quality cotton, polyester and spandex with an ergonomics design to fit the curve of the waist and ease tension in your back & protect your lumbar.

  • DURABLE & SAFE:  Long-lasting with ventedhighly elastic side panels to easy slip on & off. 
  • COMFORTABLE:  The Double waist belt provides a snug and comfortable fit even for wearing over clothing & garments.

  • POSTURE CORRECTION:  THEBODYAID™ Support Belt also has extra benefits for your shoulders and back, which will help to prevent humpback and curvature of the lower spine.

  • SELF-HEATING:  Once your belt is secured, it'll take no longer than 20 minutes to provide heat, even if you choose to wear it over clothing & garments.


Is This For Me?

✔️  THEBODYAID™ Support Belt is perfect to those who work or sit in a prolonged sitting or standing position 6-8 hours a day

✔️  Great for athletes or those who exercise regularly as it can reduce fatigue & stiffness

✔️  Suitable for people who suffer from lumbar muscle strain, muscle soreness, cold lumbago, gastrointestinal discomfort, irregular menstruation, lumbar hyperplasia, pain caused by lumbar disc herniation, lower abdominal pain caused by gynecological diseases, body chills, postpartum pain, lower abdomen pain and cold stomach pain.

❌  Not recommendedfor people with skin temperature sensory disturbance, skin allergies/disorders on the back or acute soft tissue impairment.Also not recommendedfor people who are fitted with a heart pacemaker or any other electronic devices inside the body.

How Do I Use It?


Once your belt is secured, it may be worn for up to 3 hours per session, 2-3 times per day. If you find it to be too hot for you, remove the belt immediately and wear over a thin piece of garment or clothing. If you feel any discomfort, take a break from wearing it. 

To achieve better effect, wipe the function area of the belt before using. Similarly you can wipe the area of the skin where you desire warmth.



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